Make a donation to the Mind Resilience Institute. Each dolloar supports programs that bring awareness and resources to the Brain Injury community.


Every $600 raised goes to help provide MRI funding for brain injury survivors.

$60 goes to support one survivor to recieve monthly private yoga lessons.

$50 goes to support one survivor and their partner to attend weekly yoga and mindfulness classes for 4 weeks.

$30 goes to provide yoga props and falsa blankets to Brain Injury survivors.

$20 provides one free partner yoga class for Brain Injury survivor and their friend or caregiver.

$10 provides educational materials and art supplies for Mindful art therapy workshops for Brain Injury survivors and friends.


Every dollar counts!

Shine a light on Brain Injury, and help make the invisible be visible. Everyone has a brain. Everyone should learn to love their brain. Make a donation today to support advocacy and resources for the Brain Injury community.

Mind Resilience Institute Donation