2 Handmade Lavender Smudge sticks. 100% organic English lavender bundled for that perfect smudge stick.

These lavender smudge sticks are burned to bring Peace, Love, Healing and attract positive things to your life.

Lavender smudgers can be used in the traditional manner by lighting one end and cleansing the air with the smoke. OR keeps these beauties in a bud vase or on a window ledge and spritz with the tiniest amount of water to release the essential oils and aroma for years and years.

Color varies from deep purple to grey, green/purple and true lavender.


* Approx 9" long
* About 1" thick
* Can be re-lit and re-used many times

*Can be used without fire to keep away bugs, freshen drawers, lay atop yoga mat or by your bedside for calm and serenity

As with using any smudge stick, light one end and allow the flame to go out use the smoke to purify your space. Carefully extinguish in the sand and never allow it to burn unattended. Do not immerse in water.


Multi-herd smudgers available by request.

Lavender Smudge Sticks